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Edmonds Woodway High School4

Edmonds, WA | Snohomish County


February 5, 2014

We have had luck with about 75% of the teachers being caring, enforcing assignment due dates, answering parent emails, offering resources if a child is struggling. We have had a few that are shoulder shrugging types, not interested but not terrible, and a couple that just full out ignore the emails, don't answer student's questions, etc. I do not like that the Principal will only let seniors change classes for the most part, we have been able to get a couple changed because of our IEP and medical issues, but that process needs to be made a whole lot better.

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August 10, 2013

EWHS is truly a gem. The new principal is one of the best I've ever encountered: She is a real communicator, she has a clear vision for the school that includes EVERY part of the school-wide community, and she has earned the respect of her peers and teachers. Much is made of EWHS's IB program, and it really is one of the best in the area. Students are focused on the work, and the payoff is real, as more EW students attend top schools (Stanford, Yale, MIT) than at any other Edmonds high school. The Deaf community and the Music community are also very large "players" at EWHS, as are the sports teams. I'm particularly impressed by parent involvement, which has grown since my first child went through the building. Core academics are very strong, but - unlike previous comment writers - I recognize that has as much to do with teachers as parents. The staff are NOT your child's parents, and all too often the community looks at a struggling student and expects teachers to fix problems at home. Sorry - not their primary job. The college attendance rate here is as impressive as any school should be. Kids are finding success at EW, and then moving on to success in life.

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May 22, 2013

As a Full IB Diploma Candidate, I really enjoy the program despite the exhaustion. Like many people have said, EWHS is very IB oriented and unfortunately that is the main focus so students in "regular" classes get pushed aside. I can't speak much for the regular classes though since I have never taken one, but that is the impression that I get. I must admit, ASB is also a huge focus and a narrowly exclusive group. I'm in the Chamber Orchestra and Mello-Aires (jazz choir) so I've got a load of about 9 classes total because of TOK in addition to being president of a club, tutoring, having two jobs, and I still get to bed by 11pm on average. Many IB students complain about the amount of work and stress, but in my perspective, it's all an exaggeration. We all just like to complain and vent about it, but in reality, it isn't actually that bad. Students who stay up past 11 only do so because they are either intensely involved in extracurriculars or they PROCRASTINATE. It's all about time management. Many students seem to dislike the new principal but those are students who haven't actually spoken to her. The IB teachers are also great if the student is willing to pay attention in class.

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December 18, 2012

I would advise people that live in Edmonds but do not work there but the East side or elsewhere you have a short time to react to any of your child issue, problems are given in short notice not allowing a parent commute times to address high school rumor mills. In short take a bus or train to work they will not schedule a meeting beyond right now and at best rushed call to your cell or work number. I never had a chance to talk to my child without a school official about what he was accused of to go back and ask questions go back and then talk the matter over. I m very under impressed over rumor high school rumor mill winning over correct adult reaction.

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June 27, 2011

This rating is about EWHS s principal and assistant principals and their interpersonal communication skills resolving conflict. My family needed the help of the management team at Edmonds Woodway High School several times this last year to help us work through my daughters academic-related problems, brought on by personal hardship at home. They maintained a high level of integrity and responsibility at every level of communications each time I contacted them, even though I am sure I inadvertently tested their patience many times. The bulk of my daughters' teachers were also exceptional in how they helped me help my daughters, and how they went out of their way to help them directly. I don't believe you would find this level of integrity at many schools. But it is clearly engrained in the hearts of the teachers and staff at Edmonds Woodway, starting with Principal Michelle Michelle Trifunovic, Assistant Principal Geoff Bennett, and Assistant Principal Robert Johnson. Thank you for caring.

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June 15, 2011

We just moved here from out of state and very quickly we noticed how short the actual school day is-- only 3 classes per day. Not shortly after the first month of attending this school our son started ditching school and basically creating his own show up time to classes each day. We did everything in our power to get him to school evreyday, but he insisted that the teachers, principle, and even the DEAN would do nothing to curb his behavior. After more than 15 days unexcused absences and umpteen tardies and running a 1.5 GPA he gets 2 detentions. Call me the bad guy, but I was wanting some kind of support for a hard-headed teen. I want to get my son back on track and this school let me down...

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February 23, 2011

Many people try and criticize the regular academics at EWHS, and it seems most of these people are IB dropouts. The standard academics at Edmonds-Woodway are far above average, especially in the English department. I came into college with far better skills in almost every department compared to other students. The music department at EWHS is amazing, one of the best in the state, and sports are a highlight too. People can group into cliques quite a bit, but if you find the right group, you can make a lot of lifelong friends. My experience at Edmonds-Woodway was far more positive than college has been.

July 17, 2009

EWHS is a really fun school. It has more clubs than any other school in the district, a great music program, lots of successful sports teams, and of course, the IB program. As an 'IB kid', I have to admit that the focus of the school, as other people said, is mainly on the IB program and the regular students are kind of pushed aside a lot of the time. However, EWHS is a great school if you are enrolled in IB. The teachers (well, most of them) are really great and the classes are challenging. Overall I think Edmonds-Woodway is a very good school.

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December 10, 2008

I am a senior in the International Baccalaureate Program. There is a substantial IB community, but the rest of the school seems to be divided into little cliques. The football team is very successful. Other sports get very low turnout and recognition. ASB and tech-related programs like WBN are fairly sketchy and there are many errors and mishaps. Tech staff try hard but there are always technical difficulties at every assembly and concert. On the plus side, there are great programs in music, sports, and IB. Band is fun and jazz band is nationally recognized. There are many successful sports teams. The IB Program looks good on a resume and does seem to prepare kids well for academia. It is extremely hard to balance IB with other activities, but many overachievers manage to do it. This is the best school in the district, but much needs to be improved.

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November 15, 2008

This school is great. My son is deaf and he has to go to Edmonds-Woodway because it is the only deaf program in the district and he loves the school and the people there.

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November 2, 2008

The school has good academic standards, however, the regular classes are nowhere near as rigorous as my classes at my previous school. The IB program is excellent, however, it tends to be divisive to the school community, and the school seems to favor those who are in IB. The hallways are extremely crowded, largely because of over-enrollment. The school was not built to hold this many students. The administration seems a little disconnected from the students. However, there is a great sports program, and the football team is the best in the district. It is a good school, but surely not the best out there.

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June 15, 2008

Edmonds woodway is such a fun school. The environment is so friendly and happy, the staff is fun and helpful and everyone has a place they belong no matter what their intrests are. There's so many people and so much amazing school spirit to go along with it!

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June 4, 2008

It's pretty rad. I agree that IB is it's main focus & sometimes that's a little annoying & it seems that they don't care as much about regular student, but more than that people take pride in being a student from Edmonds-Woodway. We take pride in having great sports & having a great program, such as IB even if you're not even enrolled as an IB student. Not to mention it's a pretty school.

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April 9, 2008

The IB program is great, and the extracurricular activities such as sports and music are fantastic. However, non IB classes lack a bit. English especially ihas a terrible curriculum, and Integrated Math needs improvement. The new principal is nowhere near the level of the previous. In addition, there are far too many students who do not care about EWHS and the community is too seperated; students do not bond with all others like they do at other schools in the Edmonds School Dist., probably due to IB.

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June 10, 2007

I am a student and i have to say that this school is a very highly academic school having the IB program. And sports are on the rise as being good. The teachers are good at teaching but don't have a very good one on one connection with students. Pretty much saying that the teachers are just doing there job to teach and don't care about being cool and fun. The school likes to credit the IB students more than the 'regular kids'. The school is not diverse at all. School has a boring type of atmosphere. But it is a excellent school to go to in terms of education.

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